Everyone wants to maintain their natural vibrant skin. With the help of Eyra Care Anti-Aging regime individuals can benefit from high potency formulations containing 1% Retinyl and Lipo-Chromin 6. Retinyls are Vitamin A derivatives, known for their ability to increase cellular turnover, help exfoliate the stratum corneum (the outer layer of thick skin), and help remediate pigmentation by interacting with cellular nuclear receptors.

Lipo-Chromin 6 belongs to a class of designer molecules, called the super anti-oxidant. Working in the low oxygen environment of sun-damaged skin, Lipo-Chromin 6 is capable of ‘mopping up’ free radicals, which ultimately damage the skin’s own repair mechanisms. Eyra Care’s clever combination allows for trans-dermal delivery, with key ingredients reaching the growth layer of the skin. Resulting in smoother, de-pigmented, refined skin, returning a youthful vitality. Two formulations are available, serum or cream.