Eyra Care Anti-Aging Luxe Hydration 0.5% Program

The ever popular Eyra Care Anti-Aging Program  program works to remediate sun-damage and ensure that your skin retains its youthfulness.

Take advantage of a  10% discount on this program, aiming to ensure a healthy young glow and help protect against UVA and UVB daily damage.

Couple with the All Medic SPF50 Sunscreen to increase your daily protection.

Original price was: $401.00.Current price is: $383.05.

Product Information

This program is chosen as the products work to remediate sun-damage and returning some youthfulness to your skin.  Comprising of a cleanser, topical Crystal C, and day and night moisturiser (begin with Eyra Care Luxe Hydration 0.5% microbiome balanced) and compliment your night-time regime with Eyra Care Anti-Aging Night Serum.  As your skin adapts, you can explore options for your night-time moisturiser choice.

Some redness and shedding of dead skin cells is expected (presents as dryness), you are encouraged to continue use, and this phase will generally pass.  If frank irritation occurs, discontinue use.  Always protect your skin from UVA and UVB with shade (hat) and sunscreen. Sunscreen is secondary to shade, both is best!


Product Information

This program is loaded with clinically proven ingredients, put together easy to use formulations.  All program boosting serums in the Eyra Care range can be diluted to help the skins acceptance.  The Crystal C implements the latest skin science findings, and reducing the pH of the skin (helping with rosacea and other skin disorders affected by increasingly alkaline pH changes), and creates an environment whereby the skins innate enzymes can work maximally (these are also affected by alkaline pH changes).  Lipo-Chromin 6 belongs to a class of designer molecules, called the super anti-oxidants. Working in the low oxygen environment of sun-damaged skin, Lipo-Chromin 6 is capable of ‘mopping up’ free radicals, which ultimately damage the skin’s own repair mechanisms.

Eyra Care’s clever combination allows for trans-dermal delivery, with key ingredients reaching the growth layer of the skin. Eyra Care’s breakthrough microbiome balanced 0.5% Pro-Retinol Luxe Hydration will provoke a smoother, healthier, de-pigmented and refined skin; helping to return a youthful vitality. Lipo-Chromin 6 is available in two Eyra Care formulations, a program boosting serum or cream.  Proudly Australian made, we call Australia home.


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