Clinic Locations

Dr Caswell offers a range of services at all clinic locations. Dr Caswell has additional training and qualifications in skin cancer diagnosis and management, providing you with excellent medical, skin care and follow-up.

Phone or SMS 0484 243 283



127 Heber Street
Moree NSW

Phone or SMS:

0484 243 283

Fax 02 6752 5902


298 Beardy Street
Armidale NSW 2350

Phone or SMS:

0484 243 283

Fax 02 6771 5558

Tamworth (Cosmetic)

121 Johnston Street
Tamworth NSW 2340
Phone or SMS:

0484 243 283

Gold Coast (Cosmetic)

Lv2/95 Nerang St
Gold Coast QLD 4215

Phone or SMS:

0484 243 283

Kirrawee Family Medical Practice

President Street


Phone or SMS:

0484 243 283

*Dr Caswell is a Commonwealth Certified Yellow Fever Vaccination centre

# Dr Caswell is a CASA certified D.A.M.E Please ensure that you inform clinic which pilot license you hold and that you have loaded your medical onto the MRS system.

∞Dr Caswell holds her Use License under the Queensland Radiation Safety Act of 1999 for: Cosmetic procedures including hair removal, skin rejuvenation (including superficial pigmentation adjustment,), superficial capillary reduction, tattoo removal and general medical procedures.

Our Appointment Booking System

  • Dr Caswell’s clinic days are very popular and Eyra Clinics fill up fast;
  • As a courtesy, a pre-booked appointment is made following your visit with Dr Caswell (if required);
  • A reminder letter is sent in advance to notify you of upcoming skin check (courtesy) appointment;
  • If the appointment time is not convenient for you, please contact Eyra Medical and Skin Clinic on (02) 67521333 or Health HQ on (07) 5526 4444 to reschedule;
  • We understand people lead busy lives, so closer to your appointment time a staff member will contact you as a friendly reminder to check that your appointment time is still convenient for you, this is usually by text message, if the message goes unconfirmed then staff will phone you.

Please respond to these reminders as they form part of the clinic’s COVID Safe Plan;

  • It is important that you have a number that we can leave a secure message, to protect your privacy;
  • If you have not provided us with a convenient number, please do so;
  • Failure to confirm your appointment: we will presume you have taken your care elsewhere and will be reassigned;
  • As is the nature of the work we do sometimes appointments need to be moved to accommodate urgent pathology. Please do not take offence to this, one day we may move someone to save your life;
  • Archiving: Please be sure to communicate with the clinic you attend, failure to attend your appointments may see you archived as per the clinic’s policy, to re-enter the clinic you will be required to join the waiting list;
  • COVID Safe Plan: anyone entering the clinics will be screening and required to complete a declaration; in addition you are requested to wear your mask in the clinic. You will be asked to leave the clinic if you fail to follow staff directions. Remember your reminder text is also part of our COVID Safe Plan, so it is important that you acknowledge the text or you may risk not being admitted to clinic.

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation within a 48 period of your planned cosmetic treatment will incur 50% cost of your planned treatment.
  • Cancellation of a consultation appointment within 48 hours of your appointment will incur a $120 consultation charge.


It is with regret that we have implemented a cancellation policy, however if you cancel your appointment without good notice it does not allow our staff to ensure someone on the waiting list can take your allotted time, particularly those procedures that require some downtime. Our booking staffs are there to help you plan your procedures, so please keep them up to date and informed if any changes occur to your schedule.