Your personal preference of cleanser is catered for; the Eyra Care Crème Cleanser has been made in the style of a cold crème. It is suitable for makeup removal and cleansing the skin. A favorite in winter when humidity drops and the skin becomes dry and irritable.

The Acne Cleansing Scrub reduces acne, naturally reduces sebum and kills all bacteria, fungi and thrush involved with acne pathogenesis. It can be used on the back, chest, upper arms and face. The Acne Cleansing Scrub is an all in one exfoliant and cleanser for those with acne prone skin. Use with a back strap to remove dry flaky skin and blackheads from the back.

To compliment your the cleanser of your choice, consider a Back Strap, these handy tools can help ensure your skin is perfectly polished and exfoliated, and they are great for acne prone skin.