Vascular Laser

There are many different types of laser tools available, choosing the right tool for the right treatment is paramount for gaining good results for the patient.  Chosing an operator who is able to diagnose your mole from a melanoma is also important and any mole removal should be proceeded by a medical examination to ensure the safety of the procedure.

The Dual Yellow Laser is an Australian made laser ( which has a long history for the treatment of vascular lesions – telangesica (broken capillaries).  It is a laser treatment that will effectively seal the capillaries but do so without harm to the epidermis.  The face may be a bit reddened and feel hot after treatment, but most people go about their normal activities – with sunscreen on!

By treating vascular lesions, which only enlarge and can be come quite disfiguring – the skin quality is much improved.

The mechanism of formation of telangesica is not fully understood – but it is thought that ongoing dilation of the capillaries eventually leaves them in a state where they are unable to constrict – presenting a red streaks across the face – or in the case of smaller ones a blotchy blush on the skin.  They can form anywhere on the skin – but tend to predominate on the top of the nose and cheek bones, chin and to the side of the each nostril.

A medical condition called Rosaceous Acne often produces florid telangesica as part of the inflammatory component of the disease.  The Dual Yellow is a good tool for removing the cosmetic stigmata of this disease.

The Dual Yellow laser is capable of treating the following conditions:

  • Redness
  • Turkey neck
  • Liver spots
  • Cosmetic, scar-less mole removal
  • Lax collagen
  • Dyschromia
  • Cherry haemangiomas (Campbell de Morgan spots)
  • Spider haemangiomas